The Reading Team has changed the life trajectories of thousands of children. In their first year, our Literacy Mentors participate in more than 50 hours of professional development. All after-school children spend more than 500 hours/year actively engaged in literacy-nurturing lessons and activities. 80% of Reading Team children in Grades 3-5 passed the New York State English Arts Exam in 2014.

The Reading Team, a nonprofit organization based in Harlem, is dedicated to enabling young children who are at high risk of reading failure to become strong and enthusiastic readers, writers, listeners, and speakers and to develop the skills, habits, and behaviors that will support their success in school and in life.

We accomplish this through a series of uniquely successful programs that immerse young children who are at high risk of reading failure in a rich and engaging learning environment before a lack of success in school dampens their natural enthusiasm for learning.

At our two program sites, in Central and West Harlem, we engage 850 children in a wide range of literacy-nurturing lessons and activities that range from storybook reading and letter and word games for our younger students to creative and expository writing, close reading of increasingly complex material, and the practice of outlining and note-taking study skills for our older students.

In a neighborhood in which only about 15% of third through fifth graders pass the New York State English Language Arts (NYS ELA) exam, in a City in which only about 30% pass this exam, and in a State in which only 34% pass, 80% of Reading Team students passed the NYS ELA exam in 2014.

I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.

Orhan Pamuk

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